What to Do if You See Water Damage

Flood damage in your home can stem from several sources. If left to continue, water damage can hurt the structure of your home. Porous surfaces like floors and walls are prone to fungal invasion if untreated after flood damage. The Paul Davis specialists are the experts to call when your property requires water damage restoration.

Getting Ready for the Professionals

It can be hard not to try and remedy the water damage yourself. That said, we recommend leaving the job up to the specialists. However, there are some things you can do before the restoration professionals arrive. You need to act quickly to salvage everything in your home from water damage.

First, evaluate the any hazards in your home. It’s no secret that water and electricity are a dangerous mixture, so search for electrical hazards around your home before you begin cleanup. Even when powered down, uncovered wiring or damp electronics can present a threat. We suggest turning off breakers and circuits to ensure total safety.

Getting Started

A severe flood can leave everything you own dampened. To keep water damage from destroying small items, relocate them before large furniture. Even, dry surfaces are suitable for airing out books, magazines and other paper materials. Don’t forget light fixtures and other tabletop things either. The cleaning can begin once you’ve removed magazines, small items and other damp materials.

To begin the drying process, we recommend fans or your home’s AC in your house to channel air through the area. Leave the larger messes for the professionals, but you can wipe and mop easier spots. Though you may want to try, do not use a regular home vacuum to remove water. Standard vacuums aren’t designed to clean up puddles of water. Once the room is clear of smaller items, use wooden or cement props to elevate sofas above the floor.

Fabrics and carpet become heavier when wet. All that additional weight makes rugs, leather goods and fur hard to move. If you must move a large fabric item, lift with caution. Hang clothing, draperies and other fabrics away from the wet area to dry thoroughly. Remember that water damage can affect such items permanently, so you might not be able to salvage them.

Your property’s foundation and floors aren’t immune to water weight either. Because of this, avoid sagging ceilings or bowed floors. These areas have likely absorbed the most water and could collapse under weight.

Why You Should Call Paul

Water damage is easy for Paul Davis. {But with a some assistance from our customers, we can begin working right away.} We work hard to return your property back to normal safely and quickly. Our pros have worked with a variety of flood conditions in different types of home and commercial properties. Additionally, Paul Davis helps you with your insurance company to settle your claims promptly, so you can return to normal.