How Can Smoke Damage Impact Your House – Is it Safe to Remain?

Among the most mortifying disasters that can occur on your property is a fire. Although the flames themselves can be dreadful and wreak havoc on your house, the aftereffect of smoke can be hazardous too. Not only will you need fire damage restorations, but it’s fundamental that you seek out smoke removal services. Despite the size of the fire, the smoke can infiltrate your property and find its way into your clothes, furnishings and any open spaces such as your walls. The other frustrations are the odors that stay from it and the ash that can damage your house and personal belongings even further. From our skills as a fire damage restoration business, Paul Davis knows how smoke can affect a house, and we know about the serious consequences that can derive from it.

After taking care of a fire, it’s understandable that you’d forget about getting the smoke damage remedied after you’ve had the experience involving a home fire. Yet, it’s very important to have the soot and smoke removed of properly because smoke damage can affect your health, and it is unsafe to live under these conditions. In order to prevent health problems later on, you should get a professional to rid the smoke damage from your property.

Dangers to Your Health Involved with Living in a Smoke Contaminated House

Tar and carbon are some of the things produced from smoke, and if these are breathed in over a duration of time, they can cause damage to your lungs. Carbon monoxide is a major problem to be cognizant of as well. It’s a hazardous gas that expels oxygen in the blood when breathed in, which takes oxygen away from the heart, brain and other organs. After your residence has undergone a fire, a professional can come by and check the carbon monoxide levels in your house.

Alongside tar, carbon monoxide and other particles, the typical health issues that can come from smoke pollution include:

  • Respiratory Issues – Breathing can really be hindered from smoke pollution. Even if your property is clear from smoke, the effects could be embedded in your furniture, carpet, walls and any other open space that smoke can find its way into. When you come into contact with a smoke damaged area, you’re in danger of breathing in particles that were leftover. This can cause lung and sinus issues which could provoke major health issues later on.
  • Skin Damage – All the particles that are stuck in your clothing, carpets and furniture can lead to mild, or even severe, skin irritation that can’t be healed from lotion. That’s why it’s important to have your personal belongings deep-cleaned from smoke pollution.
  • Eye Irritation – Smoke pollution has the ability to hang around, even if you can’t see it, and this can exasperate the eyes causing them to be red, itchy and watery. If the problem is neglected for a duration of time, this can cause more problems and damage to your eyes.

Fire Damage Restoration and Smoke Contamination Elimination

No matter how big or small the fire is, smoke pollution can pervade your property. It is unsafe to remain in your residence if there is smoke pollution. To prevent further damage to your health and your house, the expert team at Paul Davis is here to assist. From our experience of being fire damage restoration professionals, we know the importance of cleaning up smoke pollution. To get assistance from a franchise in your area, give us a call at (954) 979-9078 today.