How Can Smoke Damage Affect Your House – Is it Unsafe to Stay?

One of the more overwhelming disasters that can occur in your home is a fire. While the fire itself can be dreadful and bring mayhem in your home, the aftereffect of smoke can be harmful as well. You won’t only need fire damage restorations, but it’s critical that you seek out smoke remediation assistance. Despite the size of the fire, the smoke can invade your home and find its way into your furniture, clothing and any open spaces like your walls. The other nuisances are the odors that stay from it and the ash that can damage your property and the things inside it even further. From our expertise as a fire damage repair business, Paul Davis knows how smoke can affect a home, and we know about the major consequences that can arise from it.

Clearing out any remnants of smoke damage is just as important as cleaning up fire damage. Lingering soot and smoke can actually damage the health of anyone residing in the home. It is unsafe to stay inside a home with smoke damage, even if all the smoke is cleared away, there could still be soot and particles around that you can’t see. That’s why it’s crucial to get an expert to inspect your home after you’ve experienced a home fire.

Health Problems that Come from Smoke Pollution

Fire damage generates ash and soot, but the harmful elements that linger in the smoke often have tar and carbons. One of the main things you should be concerned with in regards to smoke damage is the extremely harmful gas, carbon monoxide. Carbon monoxide is odorless, tasteless and invisible, and that’s why it’s critical to have an expert come to your house for fire and smoke damage repair. An expert technician can check the levels of carbon monoxide in your house after a fire has occurred.

A few of the more common health problems that can emerge from smoke damage are comprised of:

  • Respiratory Issues – If smoke damage is ignored, the risks of breathing in carbon monoxide and other particles can make breathing troublesome and can lead to concern for your lungs and sinuses. Just because your home is free from smoke contamination doesn’t mean it’s safe or secure to stay in. Your carpet and furniture could be ingrained with small particles and other residue that could simply be taken into the lungs. That’s why it’s essential to re-mediate, not just smoke, but any smoke damage after you’ve experienced a fire.
  • Skin Damage – Serious skin irritation that can’t be healed by lotion can be provoked from smoke residue and soot, which could potentially require medical attention. Because smoke can get into furniture and clothing, there might be small particles remaining that harm the skin.
  • Eye Irritation – Smoke damage has the ability to linger, even if you can’t see it, and this can irritate the eyes causing them to be watery, red and itchy. When the issue is ignored for a period of time, this can cause more concerns and harm to your eyes.

Don’t Let Smoke Pollution Affect Your Health – Get Expert Help

With our expertise in doing fire damage repair jobs, Paul Davis understands how essential it is to remove smoke damage from your property. Don’t let the issue be ignored because it isn’t safe to stay in a smoke damaged area. A local franchise near your area is just one call away at (954) 979-9078.