Hollywood Storm Damage Experts

The South and FL are famous for fickle weather. Thunderstorms, tornadoes and ice, weather damage appear in many various forms. If your home or business sustains significant damage from bad weather, it can be hard to know what to do next. Paul Davis Restoration of Broward and North Miami professionals work hard to bring your home or business back to its pre-storm state.

Storm Damage Remediation

The Paul Davis specialists are experienced with helping others through the confusing moments after storms strike in Hollywood. Our staff is prepared to give you affordable and accurate estimates for damage caused by any type of storm. We provide an estimate for the total time and money the maintenance and restoration. Whether it’s repairs for your roof or recovering from wind damage, you can rely on Paul Davis Restoration. Our professionals are licensed and bonded through FL, always qualified to help your property. To go the extra mile, we assist with your insurance provider to file a claim.

How We Help

Restoration for Roofs

Many storms often damage roofs with gale force winds and heavy rain. Paul Davis Restoration of Broward and North Miami staff has roofing contractors on staff across Hollywood prepared to work for you. We work quickly and efficiently to make your roof good as new.

Wind Damage

Whether it’s coming from a strong tornado or hurricane, wind is a destructive force to be reckoned with. The day after a storm, common damage includes torn siding, littered debris or removed shingles.

Restoration for Electrical Systems

Wiring is an essential utility for just about everything you do. When a tornado or something more severe hits and blows out your power, it may be hard to recover. Our staff of contractors is available for intricate or minor rewiring after a storm.


Tornadoes and hurricanes are seriously destructive when it comes to property damage. Paul Davis Restoration provides structural stabilization and additional help in the instance that your home or business is destroyed by a storm. No matter what the scale of work, we can mend your home or business.

Paul Davis Restoration also offers water and mold damage removal services.