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Digital Imaging that Helps You

Three-dimensional digital imaging is improving the ways Paul Davis Restoration can service our clients. By utilizing Matterport 3D technology, we can cut down on the amount of time it takes to evaluate a damaged home or commercial property and provide an assessment. Shortening this process means that we can get to work sooner on your restoration job and finish it faster. 3D imaging enables us to save on the cost of your emergency damage restoration work by minimizing man hours.

Digital imaging

Matterport 3D Virtual Tour

  • Priced at $0.20/sqft.

  • Please be sure all doorways are open and ready for shooting. Clear away or cover anything that you do not want in the photos. Preparation is key to the best result of our photography. We can re-shoot if necessary at half price.

    Conversion of your Matterport footage to an Autocad-ready floor plan is $199. This file can be sent to your architect to be saved for site visits, allowing the architect to avoid needing to hand draw the space.

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How Does 3D Digital Imaging Improve Service?

Matterport is the newest cutting-edge technology that Paul Davis has added to our arsenal, improving the way we serve our customers and help our communities. This digital imaging platform works seamlessly with smartphones and is already integrated with the software and devices Paul Davis uses both in the office and in the field. We customize the interface to adapt to different situations, so team members measure and discuss one view while property owners view progress in another. An added benefit that we have with our new 3D digital imaging system is we can provide different restoration options, and display them for our clients which increases customer satisfaction and facilitates an agreement.

Our new digital imaging software quickly creates a high-definition, extremely accurate, three-dimensional digital rendering of any space with a touch of a button. Now we can send out one Paul Davis team member to digitize the scene in moments and can share it via a simple online link, improving accuracy and streamlining communication among any restoration partner. Matterport speeds up the start of the project, which improves the restoration process, while allowing our team to maintain a high-level of accuracy. At Paul Davis Restoration, we know that time is of the essence, and are proud of our emergency response time. Implementing our new digital imaging service allows us to improve our turn around and job-completion time too. We are excited to offer this time and money saving approach to our emergency restoration services to our clients.

Your perfect home is an app away

How Paul Davis Digital Imaging Works

Paul Davis Restoration can accurately document disaster scenes in extreme detail and generate high-definition images and schematic floor plans on demand with our new 3D imagery services. Matterport uses data points within the space and state-of-the-art imagery technology to create a precise 3D digital rendering that is an exact copy of the mapped area. The rendering clearly displays all measurements, features and images.

For adjusters that work with Paul Davis, simply notify us of the claim and receive the assessment and information in a matter of hours, not days. Users can view any part of the rendering from multiple angles, perform a virtual walk-through, zoom into, reconfigure the images, customize the data and share the information. As global and local events change how people interact and the way business is conducted, Paul Davis strives to find ways to fit the needs of our customers. By using our new digital imaging software, Matterport, we safeguard adjusters’ health, boost data accuracy and speed up the claims process.

Safety, Security and Health

To better serve you and keep our team members healthy, Paul Davis implements innovative technology that ensures as the world evolves, we rise and meet the challenges. With the need to alter how we conduct business and restore properties that have been damaged due to water, storms, fires and more, we search out tools like Matterport dimensional imaging technology and develop tools that help us do that. Contact Paul Davis for more information.