Carpet Replacement for Commercial Buildings

Is office carpet or tile getting old, worn, or just plain hard to look at? Get your professional look back with Paul Davis commercial tile and carpet replacement service.

You might recognize the name Paul Davis for the work that we’ve done for property damage cleanup and restoration. While damaged or dated flooring isn’t necessarily a major emergency, It can be a less invasive way to give your commercial space a real facelift. Now you can experience the same level of quality that top insurance carriers and property managers in South Florida count on, taking the same thoughtful concern used to address your toughest emergencies when its time for your office to consider commercial carpet replacement.

Delight your office staff this year.  All work can be done while your offices are closed, and you will love to see your staff and clients faces come Monday! Here are just a few benefits of choosing the Paul Davis professional commercial carpet installers

  • We can replace your carpet, base trim, and ceiling tiles while your business is closed.
  • We deliver boxes for your staff to pack up their work area contents to make your transition easy and get the office right back to work Monday.
  • We do the heavy lifting of desks and other office fixtures, install the carpet, and put furniture back.

Commercial Carpet Tile Replacement Costs

Paul Davis Restoration specializes in replacing worn carpet with carpet tiles. If a carpet tile gets damaged in the future, simply replace the single tile. The price breakdown for our Carpet Tiles service is as follows:

  • Removal of existing glued down broadloom carpet and disposal $0.50/sq. ft.
  • New carpet tiles starting at an average rate of just $3.50/sq. ft. ranging to about $5/sq. ft. including installation
  • New vinyl base replacement from $3/lf
  • Ceiling Tiles starting just over $2/sq. ft.
  • Moving your contents varies but generally $0.50/sq. ft.