Paul Davis Restoration of Broward County and North Miami FL

When you suffer property damage in Broward County and North Miami, Paul Davis is ready to respond to the call and help businesses or families get back on their feet. It doesn’t matter if it’s fire, flood, mold or a storm, you can call Paul Davis Emergency Services 24/7. When you call us, we make it our goal to respond to your call within 30 minutes and get to the scene ready to start cleanup in less than four hours. Our technicians know that speed is essential in emergency cases and that’s why we are here to relieve you with instantaneous emergency cleanup services.

The emergency technicians at Paul Davis Emergency Services know specifically what is required to fix and reconstruct a property in order to restore to its pre-loss state. This caliber of skillful competence is all conceivable through hiring the right teams and using high-quality tools and technology.

Property Damage Cleanup

It doesn’t matter what triggered your property damage, we can handle the job. This includes:

  • Storm damage restoration
  • Water damage restoration
  • Mold removal
  • Contents cleaning
  • Fire damage restoration

Contact Paul Davis of Broward County and North Miami FL

Whatever service you need, you can depend on our emergency damage experts to be dedicated, polite and sympathetic of your requirements. Our objective is to ensure that your home or business is efficient and safe so you can get back to ordinary life in your space. When a disaster precipitates damage to your property in Broward County and North Miami, always pick Paul Davis.

We Handle All 3 Types of Contaminated Water

The Institute of Inspection Cleaning and Restoration Certification (IICRC) sets water damage guidelines. Paul Davis Restoration and Remodeling handles all three of the IICRC categories:

Category 1 – Clean Water: Clean water intrusion, such as a pipe breaking in a wall. Water needs to be extracted and the home or building can be dried with minimal to no deconstruction. The drying process usually takes one to three days. Time and temperature can turn a Category I situation into a Category II, as well as existing conditions like soiled carpets or existing pet contamination.

Category 2 – Grey Water: The presence of “grey water” – some level of biological contaminants in the water source. This could be from a toilet bowl or washing machine overflow. Category II water can cause allergenic discomfort and possible sickness with certain conditions. The contaminated water needs to be extracted and porous materials must be removed, disinfected and/or cleaned. A Category II situation can escalate into a Category III quickly, also due to time and temperature.

Category 3 – Black Water: “Black water” is water with high levels of contamination present. This can cause serious health issues and make a building uninhabitable. Cleanup can take as little as a day, but it can take much longer if specialized cleanup processes are required.

We Handle All Classifications of Water Loss

Class 1: Water has only affected part of a room and moisture has wicked up the walls and structure less than one foot, or 12 inches. If handled immediately, most water losses can be contained to this class.

Class 2: Water has affected the entire room, including the carpeting and padding. Water has wicked up the walls two feet (24 inches) or less. There is moisture in structural materials like wood framing, subfloors, plywood and concrete.

Class 3: Source of water is from overhead such as a pipe in the attic or from a second story. All building materials are potentially affected. Humidity would be elevated compared to the unaffected sections of the property.

Class 4: Specialty drying situations where materials like hardwood floors or plaster walls are dramatically affected. Drying out these materials can require very focused humidity control or slow, controlled efforts with specialty equipment so as not to damage them.

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